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About This Blog

I created this blog to share an experience with whomever views this.  The experience I want to share is the appreciation of music.  Not that crap you listen to on the radio, but real, homegrown music, created by musicians you’ve probably never heard of, and surely, music you would not have otherwise heard if your main source for music is commercial radio.

I’ve been in and around music since I was a child.  At the age of 8, I was fortunate to be accepted into the renowned San Francisco Boys Chorus as a Second Alto, where I learned to read music, and sing some of the most incredible music, by Franz Schubert, Benjamin Britton, Handel and many others.  Even at the young age of 8, I could appreciate these incredible works that can fill and feed your soul.  Thus began my “appreciation” for music.  Something that requires more than listening with your ears.  Music is meant to be felt.  To treat your mind to more than just a beat, or melody, or lyrics.

You have to listen with better ears.

I’ve been in and around the music industry since the late 60’s.  I lived across the hall from The Youngbloods (remember “Get Together”).  I got to see Jimi Hendrix live at Winterland in ’68 in San Francisco, and experience the “hippie generation” and the great music that came from that era.  I sung in my school choir in high school, was part of a quartet and quintet and Pro Musica in college as a bass vocalist.  I obtained my FCC Class III license in 1977 (when you had to take the test and actually know something about radio telegraphy) and made my way into radio having been told I had a “good voice” for radio (deep bass plays well on radio), where I became a live radio DJ in the San Bernardino, CA area from 1977-1980.  I created and produced a gospel music program, showcasing the top gospel artists of the time (Walter Hawkins, Rev. James Cleveland, Rance Allen, Andre Crouch and many others) every Sunday morning for 4 hours and covered Mon-Wed-Fri drive times (5p-9p).  I played “the hits” but had the freedom to play music that people would otherwise not have heard, and expose my audience to “b-sides” and tracks that should have been hits, that commercial radio wasn’t playing, and probably would never play.

In 1977, I also realized that radio was  not going to be my profession and started my career in Information Technology, where I have continued to work for the past 35 years.  But music is more than just a hobby.  I love music.  All kinds.  A good song is a good song, no matter who does it or what genre category it “fits” in.

So, this blog is about sharing with you, music that you may not have otherwise heard, in genres that you may not have considered.  You may not like everything I share, but hopefully, it will encourage you to seek music from sources that you may not have otherwise given your listening time to, that you may not have known about, and introduce yourself to a world of music that will hopefully, enrich your musical palette.