This Week’s Groove

I’ve written about Bonobo before and likely will again.  To refresh:

Simon Green, AKA Bonobo, is an artist very much at the peak of his significant powers. His 2010 album ‘Black Sands’ was the high watermark of his career to date; a masterful record, marrying Green’s inimitable melodic genius to cutting edge electronics, bass and drums.

If you, like me, are into trance, dance, ambient grooves, this is a musician that you should be listening to.  Often.

“Black Sands” and the track “All In Forms” (see The Groove List, Nov 23) was my first introduction to Bonobo, and the more of his music I find the more my collection grows.

His latest album, “The North Borders” shows that Bonobo is getting better and better at creating very listenable and catchy grooves that leave you wanting more.  “The North Borders” is available on Amazon and iTunes.

This week’s groove:  “Cirrus” from the album “The North Borders” by Bonobo.  Dig it.


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