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This Week’s Groove – Zero 7

Zero 7 is a British musical duo consisting of Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker. The group members began their musical careers as studio engineers and in 1997 formed the group Zero 7. Their debut album, Simple Things, was released in 2001 and received critical acclaim. Subsequent albums include: When It FallsThe Garden and Yeah Ghost.

The duo’s songs have appeared in many films and television shows such as Blue CrushRaising HelenSmallvilleRoswellObsessed, and I’m with Lucy. Songs include “Give It Away” (Top Gear,CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationI Give It a Year), “Polaris” (Sex and the City), “Pop Art Blue” “Waterloo Road”, and “In The Waiting Line” (Garden StateSex and the CityHouse and Numb3rs). Their song “Destiny” has appeared on the Lacoste website, SkyTV’s broadcast of the Star Wars Saga and commercial. The song “In The Waiting Line” has also appeared in a 2006 HBO ad, NBC’s profile of Olympic Swimmer Laure Manaudou, and is sampled in the hip hop song song “Nothing Iz Real” by Termanology.

Songs by Zero 7 have also appeared on the lounge music compilations The Chillout Project by Filipino DJ Anton Ramos, and the Hôtel Costes. The song “Lo” was featured on Layo & Bushwacka!.

This week’s groove: “Salt Water Sound” from the album “Simple Things” by Zero 7


This Week’s Groove – Tricky

Tricky (born Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws, 27 January 1968) is an English musician and actor. As a producer and a musician, he is noted for a dark, rich and layered sound and a whispering sprechgesang lyrical style. Culturally, Tricky blends different styles, particularly in his musical fusion of rock and hip hop, high art and pop culture. His debut album Maxinquaye was nominated for the Mercury Prize and voted Album of the Year by NME Magazine.

I first heard of Tricky from the movie “The Replacement Killers” with Chow Yun-Fat and Mira Sorvino.  The song, “Makes me Wanna Die” by Tricky actually isn’t on the Soundtrack, so don’t go there or you will be disappointed.  The version from the movie is also not the version that you will find first.  The movie version, in my opinion, is a sultry, sexy thumper with a lazily sung vocals (on purpose).  this is the version want to get a hold of.

It took me a while to find this version.  You should also listen to the other versions as well, but this version, from the movie, is the version I prefer.

This Week’s Groove: “Makes me Wanna Die” by Tricky from the album Pre-Millennium Tension

This Week’s Groove

I’ve written about Bonobo before and likely will again.  To refresh:

Simon Green, AKA Bonobo, is an artist very much at the peak of his significant powers. His 2010 album ‘Black Sands’ was the high watermark of his career to date; a masterful record, marrying Green’s inimitable melodic genius to cutting edge electronics, bass and drums.

If you, like me, are into trance, dance, ambient grooves, this is a musician that you should be listening to.  Often.

“Black Sands” and the track “All In Forms” (see The Groove List, Nov 23) was my first introduction to Bonobo, and the more of his music I find the more my collection grows.

His latest album, “The North Borders” shows that Bonobo is getting better and better at creating very listenable and catchy grooves that leave you wanting more.  “The North Borders” is available on Amazon and iTunes.

This week’s groove:  “Cirrus” from the album “The North Borders” by Bonobo.  Dig it.

This Week’s Groove – Happy Labor Day

It’s Labor Day.  Here in the United States, Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.

So what better to celebrate a day off than with something mellow and easy than something from SARU.

Los Angeles Producer / Volunteer Monkey Ranger SARU spends one month each year trekking through the mountains searching for rare herbs. Are they in between a baboon’s brow, under a long forgotten trading card, or possibly in the folds of a sequined prayer robe? Who knows? He seeks these rare and mystical plants for a magic elixir that will one day wash away the woes of the world. Someday he’ll find the elusive ingredients. In the meantime he settles for brewing his own special tincture of throat-soothing beats.

Short Discography:
Downtempo Dojo (2001)
Tsunami (2004)
Machine (2007)
Reboot EP (2007)
Trap EP (2008)
Downtempo Dojo – Reissue (2008)
The Pearl (2009)

This Week’s Groove: “Slippery Hope” from the album “The Pearl” by SARU.