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This Week’s Groove – Go to New MySpace…No Really !!!

I was never into the “old” MySpace so I joined the “new” MySpace with a little trepidation.  When I first joined, I found some really great music I never would have heard otherwise had I not been on the site (Cuerock, see 19, Feb post below).  Then it kind of waned.  But now, people are becoming more aware of The Groove List and MySpacer’s are sending me “connects” from all over the world, so I can hear their work and hopefully talk about it here on The Groove List. And I’m trying to get to all of it, since I only post once a week now.  So if you sent me a connect, and I haven’t put it on The Groove List, give me time.

My tastes are eclectic.  I’ll listen to almost anything, but I have a tendency toward electronica, trance, dance, R&B, some rock and I’ll even go metal if it’s a good tune and classical is a given.  I’m not a big Rap fan, but if it’s good, I’ll listen.  I’m learning about Industrial Rock which is pretty hardcore sometimes, but I’m working into it.

I actually got a connect from an artist in Canada who has some very interesting tracks he calls Industrial Rock.  I really liked the music and I suggest you give Bill Prankie a listen.  It’s a little dark, which I like, and it’s different.  Free Your Mind.

If you are not on new MySpace, then you are missing out.  You’re going to find music here that you WON’T (likely) find on commercial radio, and probably not even on Pandora, Spotify, or any of the music services.  Only here.  Sometimes it’s mediocre and sometimes, it’s WOW !!, and places in between.

Now, I don’t know Selena Gomez’s music from a hole in the wall, but Collision Spectrum did an acoustic piano funk version of her new song “Star’s Dance” and it is very, very good.  He could have called it anything and I would have been all over it, because it’s very well done and works in my “music sphere” of good stuff worthy of The Groove List.  You can hear it on YouTube here: “Star’s Dance (Cover by Collision Spectrum).   Also check out “Animal’s by Collision Spectrum on YouTube as well.  An electronic dance track you will also enjoy. You can subscribe to Collision Spectrum on YouTube and connect on new MySpace.  You should do that.

I generally shy away from “indie singers” and prefer just the music.  Sometimes the music is the best part and the singing gets in the way of a good track. Sometimes, it all comes together.  As is the case with Ana Popovic.  Damn.  Her album “Can You Stand The Heat” is an R&B, bluesy groove that is extremely well done.  I get a 70’s funk from the title track but “Mo’ Better Love,” “Object of Obsession” and “Hot Southern Night (feat. Lucky Peterson) are smokin’ blusey, funky hot.  I hear some Brian Culbertson-ish grooves here.  Ana has a Tina Turner-esq, young Bonnie Raitt-ish vocal and she’s badass on the guitar.  I haven’t heard the entire album yet, but I’m going to have to play this all the way though a few times.  One of the rare times an ENTIRE album is worth listening to, not just one or two tracks.  I highly recommend Ana Popovic’s “Can You Stand The Heat” album. It’s available on iTunes along with her other albums.  Get it. You won’t be disappointed.

This Week’s Groove: The album “Can You Stand The Heat” by Ana Popovic. On new MySpace and for purchase iTunes. Don’t miss this.

(you will need to create a MySpace account to listen there, but she’s on iTunes too.)

REMEMBER: The Groove List is for you.  The Independent artist.   but mostly, this is for the readers of this blog.  To introduce you to music you won’t hear on commercial radio.  I do it to tell people that love music like I do that there’s more out there that you are missing, if your primary source is commercial radio.  Don’t be a music zombie and let them fill your ears with nonsense and trash.


’til next week….spread the word.


This Week’s Groove & What’s Wrong with Spotify, iTunes and Music Apps

After a very long hold out, I created a Spotify account because I wanted to hear the 10:33 sec version of “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and it did not appear anyplace else but Spotify.  After two weeks, my personal opinion is, “eh.”  Its a nice app, and I can stream music, but am I getting anything that I can’t get from iTunes (and their upcoming music streaming service), Google Music or XBox Music?  The quick answer is: NO.

The long answer is: All of these services essentially do the same thing, but that isn’t what i dislike about them.  What I dislike is that their home screens present me with established musicians/groups that I can hear on the radio or find anytime.

Who is currently promoted on the Home Page of Spotify: Jay-Z, Kanye West, Wale, Daft Punk (because I “liked” Get Lucky), Taylor Swift, Rhianna, Zedd, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, Ke$ha (not sure why anyone would listen to her but..), the list goes on.

Who is currently promoted on the Home Page of iTunes: Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Pearl Jam, John Mayer and the list goes on.

This will be the same for each of these services; promote the big names or whomever is pushing the latest soon to be has-been.

I write this blog because I can find that music anywhere.  But what about, BradH out of St Louis, MO? What about Lil Rico, or JAKKSTARRR or Creep Echo, or Steven C, Nachuko, SuLE and many others?

Have you heard Cuerock? They are on new MySpace.  If you like rock, you should be connected to Cuerock. (See 19, Feb Post here on The Groove List)

The new MySpace isn’t perfect, but it’s better than the old MySpace and I can still find Kanye West (not that I would), or Jay-Z and many other established musicians anytime, anywhere.

This blog is about the music you WON’T or won’t likely hear, which is one of the best things about new MySpace.  And so The Groove List is for those looking to expand their musical horizons, not continue the be force fed crap that the music industry wants you to  mindlessly buy just because Justin Timberlake released a new (and mediocre) album.

Don’t be a musical zombie. Free your mind and look/listen beyond what you’re used to. Not everyone is polished.  Some are quite raw.  You won’t like everything you hear; which includes what I post here on The Groove List.  But if you don’t venture out you’ll never know what incredible music you may be missing out on.


This week’s groove: The 1990 hit by Go West redone, quite well, by Letta, “The King of Wishful Thinking.”

This Week’s Groove(s) from NewMySpace

I’ve been busier than usual so I’m a bit behind on posting.  I usually post on Tuesday, but for now, I’m going to have to move it to the weekend, likely Sunday’s.

Once again, what is The Groove List about: it’s about introducing music from around the world that you will never hear on commercial radio and would not otherwise hear at all were it not for the Internet and the various sources, like Pandora, Spotify, and The new MySpace.

This week’s post is about what I’ve either found on my own or was shared with me via a connection on new MySpace.  I’m not going to get to everything but I want to share a few musicians and their work.  Let’s be real here, first; I’m not going to like everything I hear, so I’m not going to blog about everything I hear, but if it falls in my “groove spectrum” which is very wide, I’m going to talk about it.  What I am NOT going to do is trash anyone’s work. There is a lot of music I hear that I just don’t like, or is pretty bad in my opinion, and rather than trash it, it won’t appear here on The Groove List.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t think it the greatest thing they’ve ever heard.  But if it hits The Groove List, it means that it’s at least worth a listen and I’ll try to explain why you should check it out.

This week’s groove(s) come from three musician’s that connected to me on new MySpace and you will need to create a MySpace account to hear these tracks, although you can find Special Cecelia and JAKKSTARR on Soundcloud.

Go to and join.  Then type in their names and boom, you can find them and anyone else you’re looking for.

Donquiesta, Special Cecelia and JAKKSTARRR are this week’s profiles.

Interestingly enough, Donquiesta and Special Cecelia both hail from Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium and both have very different styles.  “The Return”  by Donquesita is an excellent club/dance/trance track that I’ve listened to several times this morning and definitely worthy of The Groove List.  He has other tracks in his Stream and you should check them out.  I haven’t heard anything I wouldn’t recommend.  Good stuff if you like house/trance electronica.  And I do.

Special Cecelia, however offers something eclectic and “special.”  The tracks she shared have an arabian nights/gypsy like funk with the exception of “How Many” that has a Mediterranean-reggae groove.  Maybe that’s a new thing.  if so, Special Cecelia has captured it very well.

JAKKSTARRR is a musician/producer that shared some tracks that I would describe as electronic rap.  Apparently, I have a thing for “gypsy” infusions as “Gypsy Eyes” is my favorite track from JAKKSTARRR, but “Come Hear Boy (nite into day)” is a thumping head banger that you will want to crank up.  Interesting vocal breaks are NSFW, but that’s your issue.

The Groove List is for all of you.  Commercial radio will rot your brain and cause you to miss out on some really good music.  Tell your friends to join The Groove List and keep that good music coming.  So many of you deserve to be heard and The Groove List is one way to make that happen so spread the word.  Keep it real.

This Week’s Groove – 100th Post

I’ve been receiving a lot of connections on New MySpace which are presenting some very interesting tracks that I’ll be talking about on the Groove List in the future.  A few of the artists I’ve heard this past week are Big Bang, from the U.K., “Letta” from Atlanta, GA and many others.  Keep checking out The Groove List for these independent musicians that deserve to be in your playlist because you may never hear them on commercial radio, so don’t miss out.
I’m a bit mellow today, so this track will reflect my mood.
Luis Junior who’s real name is Luis Vaquero Garcia from Madrid, Spain, is a well known producer, dj and radio-dj in the spanish electronic music scene.
His tracks run from mellow trance to heavy dance.  He has quite a discography, appearing more-so on compilation albums of similar dance/trance music.