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This Week’s Groove

Thomas Bangalter, and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, from the Grammy-winning French group, Daft Punk,  released the electronic duo’s new studio album, “Random Access Memories” in the US on May 21, 2013. Random Access Memories” released last week is their fourth album.

Daft Punk also set a Spotify record last month when its song “Get Lucky” had the biggest streaming day for a single track in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Since its debut, “Get Lucky” has been streamed more than 27 million times.

You may have heard of this duo from their mega-hits “One More Time,” “Around The World” and others.

Daft Punk has a HUUUUGGGE following around the world pumping out hypnotic, danceable beats that just make you feel good and want to groove along.

So this album, “Random Access Memories” was more than just an album that dropped on a Tuesday, it was an event.

What makes this album so special, for me, however is the collaboration of diverse musicians that performed on this album.

Giorgio Moroder, Paul Williams, Todd Edwards, Pharrell Williams, Panda Bear, Chilly Gonzales, Nile Rogers, and DJ Falcon.

But it’s Nile Rogers, of the 70’s disco group Chic, that makes the album for me.  His distinct rhythm guitar “sound” is unmistakable and adds so much to ANY track he collaborates on.  You probably don’t know it, but you’ve heard him on Duran, Duran’s “Notorious”, Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” and on tracks with David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, Mick Jagger, Diana Ross, Debbie Harry, Sister Sledge, and the list goes and on and on and on.  Frankly, he’s one of the greatest rhythm guitarists in the world.  Ever.

His special “sound” just makes the song…better.  And in his own words, the part he adds brings so much value to the track that “If you take that part out, the song goes away.” – Nile Rogers

The first single released from “Random Access Memories” is “Get Lucky” which is a collaboration with Pharrell Williams, mega-producer of “The Neptunes” fame who currently appears on Robin Thicke’s funky groove “Blurred Lines” with T.I. and Pharrell Williams.

It would, again for me, be a mediocre tune, if not for Nile Rogers on rhythm guitar.  It’s got a catchy chorus, “She’s up all night to the sun/I’m up all night to get some/She’s up all night for good fun/I’m up all night to get lucky” and an bad ass bass groove with Nile Rogers setting the pace.  Daft Punk’s keyboards and synthesized vocals bring it all together.  What’s wrong with this song?

IT’S NOT LONG ENOUGH !!! It’s 4:43 of Daft Punk perfection.  Three more minutes would have been bliss.

UPDATE: Daft Punk posted a 6:05 version on the NewMySpace.   YESSSSS !!!

Commercial radio is going to over-play “Get Lucky” which is typical but they may play (if some program manager grows a pair) “Give Life Back To Music” which is another great track to hear Nile Rogers’ rhythm tracks on and should be another hit for Daft Punk.  What’s wrong with “Give Life Back To Music?”


Hopefully, some talented DJ or even Daft Punk (the Robots, as Nile Rogers calls them) will remix these tracks to add 3 more minutes to each and I’ll jump on those too.

A friend of mine who knows Stevie Wonder said she will take me to meet him when I’m ready, which will be awesome, as I have so many things I want to discuss with Stevie about his music.  Nile Rogers is one more on my list of people that I hope to meet someday as well.  That meeting, if it happens, will make it for me.  He’s one of the best in the business and Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” is better for it.  Now if I could get a meeting with Nile Rogers AND Daft Punk.  Whoa, buddy !!!

This Week’s Groove: “Get Lucky feat. Pharrell Williams” from the Daft Punk album “Random Access Memories”

Available on iTunes and everywhere.  Dig it.  Get it.  Get Lucky.  Done.

Daft Punk:


This Week’s Groove

I wasn’t able to find any background on this week’s groove list musician, but he/they is/are dropping some excellent tracks.  Since the main purpose of this blog is to introduce you to music you will likely NEVER hear on commercial radio, it is my pleasure to present this week’s groove and encourage you to find more from this artist, Klangsine.

This is nice, downtempo groove and will put you in a nice mellow mood.  Well done.  Enjoy.

This Week’s Groove: “Klangsine feat. Sine from the album” Chill Off Chillout, Vol. 3″ which can be downloaded from Amazon.

This Week’s Groove

At least five musical acts are known to go by the name Hybrid. But the one I’m writing about today is:

Mike Truman and Chris Healings who have been writing, producing, touring and DJing all over the globe for the best part of a decade, amassing near 250 productions. The duo has written four LPs to date: Wide Angle, 1999; Morning Sci-Fi, 2003; I Choose Noise, 2006; and Disappear Here, 2010 – all on Distinctive.

Since first bursting onto the scene with the now classic album, Wide Angle, in 1999, the Swansea, Wales-based Hybrid have been known as one of the most forward thinking and technically skilled acts in electronic dance music. Blurring the line between in-studio production and live presentation, Hybrid are one of the few remaining dance acts to perform live with a classic band setup.

Though, much has changed on the road to Hybrid’s fourth artist album Disappear Here. Most notable is the addition of Hybrid’s third member – singer / songwriter Charlotte James – to go along with founders Chris Healings and Mike Truman.

Today’s groove is a double dose of Hybrid.  Two very diverse tracks and one featuring Charlotte James.

From the Hybrid album Morning Sci-Fi,  “Marrakech” and

From Formula of Fear, the title track “Formula of Fear” featuring Charlotte James.

This Week’s Groove

The Notwist /ˈnoʊ.twɪst/ are a German indie rock band. Formed in 1989, the band moved through several musical incarnations despite maintaining a relatively stable lineup. While their early records moved through heavy metal into dark indie rock, their recent efforts for which they have received the most attention have been very strongly influenced by the electronica scene, along with the other groups on the record label Morr Music.

Brothers Markus, Michael Acher  and Martin “Mecki” Messerschmid formed the group in 1989 in Weilheim in Oberbayern, near Munich. In 1990 they recorded their self-titled debut, a grunge-metal oriented LP. 1992 saw the release of Nook, which has an indie rock sound, while their 1995 album 12 contains their first flirtation with electronics. Martin Gretschmann then joined the group in 1997. Shrink, released in 1998, is a jazz-electro-rock album. In 1998 Cynthia Dall did the vocals for a remix of “Torture Day” by The Notwist. The album Neon Golden (released in 2002) put them on the map for American listeners, with its heartfelt sentiment and more pop-oriented sound.

And from that album, this week’s featured track.  And not what you’d expect.  Check it out.

This Week’s Groove: “Consequence” from the album, “Neon Golden” by The Notwist.