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This Week’s Groove

To some, it must seem like this young electronic producer came out of nowhere this year, but those in the know have been following Emancipator since he self-released his first album, “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough,” at the age of 19 in 2006. His agile melodies layered over headnodic, immaculately-produced beats captivated fans across the internet and across the world. “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough” was picked up by Japanese super-producer Nujabes, pressed in Japan and sold 5,000 copies in the first six months. Emancipator landed a Puma sponsorship, gave an interview to Rolling Stone Japan, and even had his song “Maps” played at the Bejing Olympics.

His latest album “Safe In The Steep Cliffs” blends new instrumentation and organic samples with the signature Emancipator style of clean production, silky melodies and addictive drums. Dense layers of choirs, horns, American folk instruments such as the banjo and mandolin, violin and some distinct Asian influences make for a playful but refined album built out of intricate tracks listeners can enjoy on as many levels as they want. Dance to it, chill out to it, immerse your mind in it.

This week’s groove is “With Rainy Eyes” from the album “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough” by Emancipator.  

This is really a great, simple downtempo track.  Don’t miss this, and check out Emancipator as soon as you can.


This Week’s Groove

Paul Crossman a.k.a General Midi has always managed to master a more level crunching, dub flavored and bass fueled musical ride than his peers and it is this that has earned him his fast growing reputation as the source of a great night out when he’s at the controls and as the producers producer.

Emerging from the backrooms of the Bristol Club scene his slick DJ ability and an ear for a great tune have given him regular appearances at clubs across the globe.

Over the last few years General Midi’s singles have been released on some of the most respected breaks labels including TCR (Rennie Pilgrim’s label) & Kilowatt (Hyper’s label).
All of this has led to his debut album, ‘Midi Style‘ and this week’s groove:

“The Eastoner” by General Midi from the album “MIDI-style.” A downtempo groove and funky bass line that is sure to move you.

You can also find General Midi on the New Myspace.  Check him out.

This Week’s Groove

The Sound Providers are a Jazz rap duo formed by producers Jason Skills and Soulo. Formed in 1998 in San Diego, California, it originally included a third member, an MC named Profile, who left the group shortly before they were signed by ABB Records. The Sound Providers have produced a number of singles before releasing their debut album An Evening with The Sound Providers, recorded and produced in San Diego and Los Angeles, in 2004 on ABB Records.

The Sound Providers have a nightclubby, jazzy feel to their grooves.  I get a taste of Pat Metheny when I listen to them, so if you’re  into Pat Metheny (and you should be), then this is for you.  Very mellow and smooth with a bit of downtempo funk.

“Autumn’s Evening Breeze” from the album “An Evening with The Sound Providers”  is this week’s groove.  Check them out.  it’s well worth it.

This Week’s Groove

I received another connection from a musician on MySpace last week.  The connection was from Brad H, who describes himself as a DJ Producer Vocalist out of St. Louis, MO.  He provided 12 tracks for me to listen to from his album called “Rap and Hip Hop Sessions” and one track from “Electro Sessions.”

Needless to say, MySpace is a place for unknowns to introduce their music.  Some very good and some, well…not so much.

I was skeptical when I say the album name “Rap and Hip Hop Sessions” expecting to hear…rap and hip hop.  Rap and Hip Hop are fine, in small doses, but generally for my tastes, I can pass on most of it.

I was more than pleasantly surprised when all of the tracks were instrumentals.  No vocals.

I was even more surprised at the quality of the tracks. Some of them sounds like backgrounds for a rap or hip hop tune, and some of them are standalone tracks that need no vocals, but based on the album name, I can see where Brad H created these tracks for someone to rap over.

Frankly, for my money (and I would buy this album), I like what’s here as is.  The music is innovative and very good.  Once again you can only hear Brad’s tracks if you have a MySpace account and find it in my Stream.  It’s worth your time to listen and share with others.