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Today’s Groove – New Year’s Eve

Underworld is a Welsh/English electronic group, and principal name under which duo Karl Hyde and Rick Smith have recorded together since 1980. The band is perhaps best known for “Born Slippy .NUXX”, a track made popular in the hit 1996 Danny Boyle film Trainspotting.

They sound a lot like The Pet Shop Boys, which isn’t a bad thing.

Today’s New Year’s Eve Dance Groove: “Mo Move” by Underworld from their album “A Hundred Days Off”




Today’s Groove

Stéphane Pompougnac (born 1968) is a French house DJ and record producer.

His first job was as a waiter at the courtyard café of Hôtel Costes in Paris’ Les Halles district, but his DJ debut occurred when he was 18, at such Bordeauxdiscothèques as Ubu, The Colony, and The Dream.

After finishing his studies and national service, Pompougnac spent six months in London before returning to Paris in 1992. In Paris he mixed at such discothèques as Queen, Folies Pigalle, The Locomotive, Diable des Lombards, and Privilège. One year later, he became the resident DJ at Les Bains et Douche, where he met Claude Challe. Reportedly, in 1997 Albert de Paname introduced Pompougnac to Jean-Louis Costes, co-owner of Hôtel Costes, where Pompougnac had worked as a waiter some ten years prior. This time, Costes hired Pompougnac to be the hotel’s resident DJ. In 1999, Pompougnac published his first studio mix, Costes: France et Choiseul.

Pompougnac has published more than 20 studio mixes, and also DJs for the fashion award show Les Venues de la Mode. He has also performed for fashion shows byGucci and Yves Saint-Laurent.

Today’s groove:Machine Pour Les Oreill” by Rinocerose from Hotel Costes, Vol. 1 -Mixed by Stephane Pompaunac

Today’s Groove

Pridon, a UK dj, now living in Greece is about exploring sonic spaces, finding the “zone” groove, interlocking and merging styles of music, plain having fun, trying new techniques, creating rare moods and putting you in eclectic imaginary fields.

This track from their album “Miditation” is definitely a ‘mood” track.  Very nice and “imaginary”

Today’s groove: “The Birth After Death” by Pridon from the album “Miditation”

Today’s Groove

This duo, Michael Hodgson and Paddy Free call themselves Pitch Black, and hail from New Zealand.  Their style has some very hip, electronic funk grooves described as dbu/downtempo.  Good stuff regardless of the category or classification.

via youtube:

“Pitch Black are award winning multimedia artist Michael Hodgson and Salmonella Dub producer Paddy Free. Having pumped their way through New Zealand’s electronic music scene since their inaugural performance at the annual Gathering New Year’s eve festival in 1997, they have spent the last twelve years rousing dance floor punters, generating rave reviews, winning awards and gaining thousands of fans…”

Today’s groove: “Ape to Angel” by Pitch Black from the album “Ape to Angel”

Today’s Groove

Luis Junior who’s real name is Luis Vaquero Garcia is a well known producer, dj and radio-dj in the Spanish electronic music scene.
I’ve enjoyed several tracks by this musician and haven’t been disappointed yet.  One of my favorites is today’s track; a very smooth, and jazzy groove with ethereal vocals that will have your head bobbing to the beat.
Look for more from Luis Junior.

Today’s Groove

Rei Harakami (レイ・ハラカミ?) (10 December 1970 – 27 July 2011) was a Kyoto-based electronic musician from Hiroshima, Japan. He composed and mixed on two Roland SC-88Pro sound generators, at times supplemented by the Roland SK-88Pro keyboard model. He suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage on 27 July 2011.

Rei released his debut album in 1998 on Sublime Records. Follow-up albums, opa*q in 1999 and red curb in 2001 showcased his skills as an artist and producer. Rei’s growing reputation resulted in his becoming in demand as a producer and collaborator for artists such as UA, Great 3 and Coldcut. His recent collaboration as an artist and producer was on Akiko Yano’s 2004 album, Honto no Kimochi (“True feelings”), and resulted in widespread recognition in Japan.

Sad that we are deprived of more of Rei’s excellent musical skills.  I’ll post another from Rei Harakami in coming months.

Today’s groove: “June” from his album “opa*q” by Rei Harakami.


Today’s Groove

The Austrian producer and DJ duo Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister are some of the biggest names in electronic dance music and considered the godfathers of a whole music genre: Downtempo

Today, sit back, chill and enjoy your Christmas, Holiday or day off with Kruder & Dorfmeister.  This track is from their G-Stoned EP which is full of worthy tracks.  Get it.

Today’s groove: “High Noon” from G-Stoned EP by Kruder & Dorfmeister

Today’s Groove

Nightmares on Wax has won the award for Best Downtempo DJ for the second year in a row at the DJ Awards.

Ibiza’s DJ Awards announced N.O.W. as the winner of the downtempo shortlist for its 15th year, where he was up against Mr Scruff, Rob Da Bank, Jon Sa Trinxna, Heritage Project, Chris Coco, and Gilles Peterson.

This DJ is not to be missed.  If you are looking for something to chill to, Nightmares On Wax is perfect, track-after-track.  Not to be missed.

Today’s groove: “Fire In The Middle from his album “Carboot Soul”

Congratulations N.O.W. Well deserved.