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Today’s Groove

Today’s track is a must-have.  But the album it comes from…I can’t recommend.  This is one of those tracks that after you hear it, your first inclination is that the other tunes must be just as incredible, so you check it out.  Sad to say, I can’t recommend the rest of the album this track comes from.  It’s strange because this track is so good, but it doesn’t seem like it belongs on this album.  It’s just so out of place that it doesn’t seem as if it was even done by the same group.  I guess I’ll leave that for you to decide.  But I highly recommend you add this track to your collection:

Today’s groove: “Calm The Storm” by Graffiti 6, from their album “Colours”

A slow groove, soulful ballad that slowly rises to a smooth finish.  Great vocals.  Don’t miss this one.


Today’s Groove

So, so much good music in the world that we never hear over here in the U.S.  Thank DARPA for the Internet and Internet radio.

Blank and Jones, a trance duo out of Cologne, Germany are doing some incredible music.  Chill, jazzy and just the right amount of everything that makes them worth your listening time.

Today’s Groove: “Nuits Blanches from their “Relax Edition Four” album.  Worth it.

Blank & Jones website:

Today’s Groove

This is an interesting group. Hooverphonic.  A dutch band with a soulful groove.  They sampled Issac Hayes’ “Walk On By” as the background and added new lyrics with a sexy, needy wanting vocal.

If you like you soul, hot and buttered with a Danish funk, this is for you.

Today’s Groove: “2 Wicky” by Hooverphonic on “The Heights (Original Soundtrack) and also found on “Hoover – a new stereophonic sound spectacular”

And check them out here: Just make sure your browser can translate Dutch to English.

Today’s Groove

Wikipedia describes dZihan & Kamien (pronounced “Jee-han and Kammy-en”) are a downtempo house and acid jazz music duo based in Vienna, Austria. Their sound has been described as having “jazzy texture, trip-hop rhythms and Eastern ambience.”

dZihan & Kamien are a prolific duo offering an incredible catalog of excellent beats and grooves.  I haven’t found anything they’ve done, that I don’t like.  And I’m sure you will enjoy listening to them as well.

Today’s groove is: “Gutenmorgenduft” from their Gran Riserva album.  Guten morgen is German for “Good Morning.”  “Gutenmorgenduft” means morning air or morning scent.  See.  You learned some German this “Guten Morgen” and got a good tune all in one.  You’re welcome. (Bitte sehr! )

Today’s Groove

From the southern tip of the African Continent, the Cape of Good Hope comes Mood Blender and their jazzy blend of chilled beats.

Today’s groove is called: Social Scientist from the album “Palace Lounge presents Cafe D’Afrique Chilled beats from the Cape of Good Hope.”

This groove has a nice jazzy, funky bass beat that makes you want to tap your feet and soak in the saxophone sneaking in, in the background.  Good stuff. Chilled well.

Today’s Groove

When was the last time you heard a jazzy tune from…China?  That’s right.  China.  Well, you’re in luck, because today’s groove is the perfect blend of East-meets-West.

The song starts out with a familiar Asian flair and, Boom, a funky bass line that brings it all together.  Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Today’s groove: “Lost In Beijing” by Oman Chali and can be found on the album “Sounds From the All Asian Pass, Vol. 1”

Good stuff.  Enjoy.

Today’s Groove

Christophe Goze, a classically trained french musician is an incredible jazz artist.  His website describes his music as the “father of “Arabiant” style, which I would guess after listening to Christophe’s music is a “jazzy arabian beat.  “Mr Goze brings “chill out” music to a new level thanks to his musical talent” (UK Fan) “The perfect blend of jazz & downtempo. Christophe sets the bar for all artists in this genre” his profile goes on to say.

I say, if you haven’t had the pleasurable experience of hearing this incredible musician, let me help you with that.

Today’s groove is “About Us” from his “Show Me The Way” album.  It’s difficult to pick just one when Goze has so many tracks that take you from one to the next with ease and perfection.  Listen for yourself.  I’m sure you will agree.

Today’s Groove

The Tango.  Sultry. Sexy. Passionate.  But the Argentine Tango… Ahhh, yes. All of the above, plus lots of leg work.  Sexy legwork.

And when you think sexy and passionate, what instrument comes to mind?  The accordian.  amirite?

No, really.

The Gotan Project will change your mind about this sexy, passionate instrument with an oh, so smooth groove rolling underneath while you envision you and yours dancing the Argentine Tango. (not responsible for any kicking injuries)

Today’s groove: Queremos Paz by the Gotan Project from their album La Revancha del Tango.

Once this groove gets in your head, you’ll be humming it all day.  You’ve been warned.

Today’s Groove

Scanning through the interwebs over the weekend, I stumbled upon a band on a site that isn’t a music site, just a place where awesome things are listed.  Always up for hearing something new, I bit.

This band that I never heard or sounds like someone took The Beatles from their “Strawberry Fields” era and Pink Floyd from their “Dark Side of the Moon” era, tossed them in a tumbler together…shaken, not stirred…and poured them out into a properly chilled martini glass.  Take a sip, and let that sit on your palette for a moment.  Then feel the warm goodness that these tracks offer.  Their new album is called “Lonerism.”

“Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”:

“Apocalypse Dreams”:

This is sooooo good.  Tame Impala everybody.  Can you dig it?

I knew that you could.